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CES 2022
Jan 5-7, 2022

The Hard-Tech Startup Economy


You’ve heard the term “Software is eating the world,” but few understand the impact that new technology with hardware applications have had and will continue to have. But “Hard-Tech” is here to stay and is thriving. Learn from the perspectives across the innovation spectrum on how startups can take advantage of ecosystem conditions to enable their hard-tech companies to thrive. Whether it’s climate technology, a new way to harvest crops, or autonomous vehicles, these innovations will be key pillars in the economy of the future and it’s imperative these startups & founders are enabled to grow. Speakers: Shana Downs, May Mobility; JF Gauthier, Startup Genome; Bryan Ritchie, SIMBA Chain; Don Wettrick, STARTedUP Foundation, Inc. David Roberts, Indiana Economic Development Corporation (Moderator).

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