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CES 2024
Jan 9-12, 2024
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Driverless at 200 mph


Since the days of the DARPA Grand Challenge, the autonomous vehicle industry has put a heavy focus on low-speed automation and the urban/suburban robo-taxi use case. But most vehicle driver or passenger fatalities are tied to high-speed collisions. Having ADAS and autonomy systems that work at highway speeds of 70 mph or greater is key to saving lives while also increasing supply chain productivity. The Indy Autonomous Challenge, which organizes autonomous racing competitions with teams from top research universities from around the globe, was created to develop and test autonomous driving technologies and the AI algorithms that power them at extreme high speeds. The panel of business and technical leaders will discuss why mastering high-speed automation is so critical to the future of mobility while considering what can be done to push the technology to the 200 mph barrier and beyond.

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