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CES 2024
Jan 9-12, 2024

Women in Tech Q&A – Live at CES


The demand for more women leaders is unmistakable—especially in tech. But what will it take for us to get there? How can today’s leaders support emerging talent? And how can we keep learning as we lead? Join Stephanie Dismore, Managing Director, HP North America, as she hosts a conversation about the invaluable role women play in reshaping organizations today and in the future. Dismore is the author of a popular “Women in Tech” LinkedIn Q&A series, where she invites fellow female leaders in the industry to share their journeys to the top of tech and explain how they have tackled their biggest challenges. In the series’ first live installment on the CTA stage, Dismore’s interview will explore one inspiring peer’s perspective on the state of tech, the future of diverse leadership, and more. Guest panelist: Karyn Schoenbart, Board Director/Consultant, NPD/IRI, and Co-founder and Managing Director of Duo Partners

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